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Naturopathy Clinic

If you are looking forward a long term and healthy weight loss, suffering from a Cardio-Vascular or Auto-Immune disease, ZinaBelle is your safe heaven. Dr Serrar doesn't provide any diagnostic. For more than a decade, her approach was directed towards new therapies focusing on the prevention of chronic diseases and thus allowing you to experience a long-lasting, easy and healthy weight loss through a personalized meal plan, an integrative program and even ''mental re-programmation''.









Since opening in 2006, ZinaBelle Center for Naturopathy and Massage Therapy has seen an unexpected success rate with its innovative ZinaCal program. The recorded weight loss ranged from 22.5 to 56 pounds in 10 weeks and decreased waist circumference by 4 to 8 centimeters and 6 to 10 centimeters in the hips. Weight loss is also associated with deeper sleep, shiny hair, a brighter complexion, and a luminous face, synonymous with better health. As for this libido that must not be neglected, she returns as she was at 20 years.


Less weight to wear also means less or no more joint and muscle pain in the legs. What are these improvements due to? Simply because the metabolism is activated and self-esteem is found! Since 2006, we have been working continuously to improve our weight loss program to meet the needs of everyone and above all to be able to see them simply happy. Our clientele is extraordinary; she is very encouraging and very attentive. This pushes us to always go further and to be aware of all developments in the scientific field of weight loss (conferences, books, scientific publications, etc.).


This allowed us to develop new equipment, such as ZinaSlim, a personalized food software for everyone, new techniques and massage maneuvers to treat cellulite and constipation (ZinaSvelte) and natural products to reduce appetite, burn fat, regulate constipation and eliminate cellulite (ZinaCal).

Weight Loss Clinic

  •  LPG Endermologie

  • CoolShape* /Cycle/ Régio

  • ZinaSvelt– ZinaSlim

  • FatRemove- LipoCavitation

  • Body Scanner

Naturopathy Clinic 

  • ''Mentale Reprogrammation''– via hypnosis

  • Maladie Cardio vasculaire / Auto-Immune Consultation

  • Acnea – Eczema – Psoriasis

  • Diabetes – Allergies- Hypertension – Cholesterol

  • Hypothyroïdie – Cancer

  • Arthrose – Arthritis – Fibromyalgy

  • Stress – Fatigue

  • Calcul de la vésicule biliaire et rénale 


1st consultation - weight loss

1st Body Scanner (mandatory during the first consultation)

1st consultation- medical 

2nd consultation (including BodyScanner)

1st consultation- Hypnosis







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