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Weight Loss Clinic

Dr Serrar's Weight Loss Clinique holds itself in one simple sentence: You are the miracle.

By making the best of the industry's new technologies and the ancient secret held in nature, we found a way to offer a personalized way to start a healthy weight loss journey

Sine 2006, we continuously worked into updating our weight loss program and make it representative of your reality because what we truly want is to see you happy, happy and succeeding in your journey to a better lifestyle. This motivates us to always push ourselves forward and update ourselves on the scientific advancement present in the industry (conferences, books, scientific publications). Keeping track with the technologies allowed us the develop exclusive equipment like the ZinaSlim, the personalized meal software, the massage techniques targeting directly  cellulite (ZinaSvelte) and the natural products we have to control appetite, burn fat, resolve constipation and flush cellulite (ZinaCal).

We therefore invite you to visit our Testimonials tab and beware, they are impressing! 

With our personalized approche, patients and clients testify about: normalized diabetes, cholesterol and HTA levels,   joint and muscular pain can be treated , acnea prosiasis and eczema can be managed...


ZinaSlim allows you to target a specific region in your body without having to expect the consequences of an invasive treatment. To allow you to treat more regions at the same time, 

this treatment is offered fo 30, 45 or 60 minutes 

Duration           1 session      Serie of 10 sessions

30 min 

45 min 

60 min 







How to book an appointment? 

How does a consultation take place?

How does your Weight Loss clinique proceed/ fonction?

What is a BodyScanner?

What are the treatments are you offering?

Are your meal plans protein based?

Do we have to purchase any products from your center?

At which frequency do I have to be at the center? Weekly? Monthly?

How to take an appointment?

There is two types of appointments you can book for your first visit at ZinaBelle: To meet Dr Serrar, you must call 514-908-9462 in order to discuss with a receptionist and get yourself marked in the Dr's agenda. However, if you would rather get familiar with the center first, you can book a complimentary one-on-one meeting with one of our professionals who would be pleased to give you a tour of the place while answering your questions. Before passing by, make sure to take a look at our business hours by clicking here.

What is the BodyScanner.

The BodyScanner is simply a non invasive test you take at Dr Serrar's office during the consultation and thus, allowing us to gather crucial information about your metabolism like: body mass index, fat percentage and location, water presence etc. Once the data provided by the BodyScanner and the consultation analyzed, you will receive a detailed and personalized program. Generally, we recommend to follow the program for 10 consecutive weeks. 

How does a consultation take place?

Please note in this section we are referring to a naturopathy consultation in order for you to become a patient at Dr Serrar's WEIGHT LOSS CLINIQUE. If the reason of your visit covers HEALTH conditions such as HTA, thyroids, diabetes etc. Please click here to be directed to the proper information source.

*Please carefully note the BodyScanner requires the sole of your feet to be in direct contact with the machine's coated metal (no socks, no stockings all year long)

** The consultation's duration is not predetermined since each person needs different attentions (We have more than 500 wellness programs.

How does your Weight Loss Clinic fonction/ proceed?

Rest assured, all the treatments provided in the center were chosen and are supervised by Dr Serrar who you are invited to meet in a naturopathy consultation.

Before the consultation, members od the administration team willl open a file under your name and make sure you complete the health questionnaire. Once in the  consultation room, you will start by taking a non invasive test - the BodyScanner- which will provide us with crucial information about your body. This done, programs will be presented to you based on your goals, your lifestyle and your budget. 

What types of treatments are you offering?

Dr Serrar will come forward with several treatments which she judges are adequate to your situations and it can go from a simple mean plan to a 10 weeks weekly follow-up .

Are your meal plans protein based? 

Dr Serrar makes sure to make as much research a possible before proposing a treatment or a meal plan to her patients. This is why, following years of medicine and naturopathy practice, follow-ups and readings, Dr Serrar dissociates herself from protein based diets. Quite on the contrary, she encourages a healthy life style involving in a balanced diet in which you develop the habit to prepare your own meals.

Do we have to purchase any products from your center?

Since we all have busy days and we know you might be running out of time by keeping up with a complexe diet, we broke down our meal plans to be made of food you most likely already have in your grocery list.

At which frequency do I have to be at the center? Weekly? Monthly?

Since we offer a wide range of programs, you have to be aware of the assiduity and rigour that will be demanded by certain treatments. If you decide to annex any of the weight loss technologies we provide at the center, a technician will be assigned to your file. Rest assured, if the center is inaccessible to you during our business hours, we still can provide programs that require minimum presence. Also note that we dispose of hundreds of meal plans that will give you the freedom to pass by the center once every 3, 5 or even 10 weeks.

Dr Serrat's team is always available, reachable and there will always be someone taking care of your equiries. You can call at 514-908-9462. If your question is of medical nature, we invite you to send an email directly to Dr Serrat at

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