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طقوس الحمام

The Hammam ritual

Relax between the steam room and the white ceramic dry room of the first real mediterranean steam room in Montreal. The benefits of a hammam session are endless and at ZinaBelle, you can combine different treatments to offer a unique treatment. Men, couples and children under 12 years can also enjoy the hammam provided that the reservation is taken in our private hammam.

List of services available

You will find below the types of treatments that we offer in the instalations of public hammam reserved for women only. If you are looking for packages that include treatments such as a massage, blow-dry or facial, please click here.

Hammam Diyali

starting at 35
free access 

If you are one of those who prefer to spend their time alone and without distraction, this option is for you. Indeed, the Hammam Diyali includes the entrance to the steam room and the dry room for a total duration of 1h30. You are therefore free to indulge in your beauty rituals without being disturbed.

Hammam Lalla Houria

starting  55


including 15 minutes body exfoliation 

In addition to allowing you to benefit from the on-site facilities, namely the steam room and the dry room, Hammam Lalla Houria includes a total exfoliation of the body lavished by a technician and this, thanks to a horsehair glove. During this treatment, you will be lying on one of our heated white ceramic tables while the technician gives you a new, fresh and soft skin.

Hammam El Hanna

 starting 75


incluant 15 minutes body exfoliation

Body wrapping

Sometimes our body and our mind ask for more so that we can rest and rejuvenate ourselves. It is at times like this that the Hammam El Hanna is in order. In addition to getting a new look and being able to freely move between the steam room and the dry room, you are offered a clay and henna wrap that you can apply on the body to relax and relax. absorb the benefits of natural products.

Hammam Lalla Moulati

Hammam Sidi Moulay

à partir de 100


incluant 15 minutes body exfoliation

Premium body wrapping

In order to offer you the most complete care that we offer between the walls of the sauna, you choose the Hammam Lalla Moulati - Sidi Moulay since the envelopment of youth that will be applied to you during this treatment is of a sumptuousness without equal. It is prepared with organic ingredients chosen by Dr. Serrar so that your body and mind can gently be pampered.


ZinaBelle's cures

In this section you will find a wide range of treatments that include the tranquility of the sauna and the benefits of the other treatments we offer. Everything depends on the cure we will offer you towels, bathrobe, black soap and access to the relaxation room. Whether you come as a couple, alone or in a group, we will ensure your comfort from the beginning to the end of your visit to the ZinaBelle center.

Cure Berbère

 starting 60


including black soap, towels


15 minutes body exfoliation

The Berber cure is the premium version of Hammam Lalla Houria treatment since we provide you with towels and black soap. It is therefore access to the dry room and the steam chamber in addition to a complete body exfoliation lavished by your technician.

Cure Berbère Royale 

starting 100


including black soap,

15 minutes full body exfoliation, soaping

towels,  bathrobe

You can bless the calm of the relaxation room after receiving your exfoliation and soaping on one of our heated marble tables. You will have access to the steam and dry rooms before being offered complete exfoliation and soaping. This cure is ideal for those who want to offer a quick and complete all inclusive without having to leave the heat of the hammam.

Cure Marrakech

starting 129


including black soap, 15 minutes body exfoliation,  45 mins relaxing massage

towels & bathrobe

The Cure Marrakech is the benefits of the hammam, shine scrub, relaxation in the VIP room and finally a relaxing massage of 45 minutes during which your body can relax, relax. During these two hours of bliss, you will be supported by your technician who will ensure that you will not miss anything.

Cure Oasis

à partir de 129


incluant savon noir, 15 minutes d'exfoliation, facial 

serviettes & sortie de bain

In a world set to the minute, the skin of our body and our face are the first to suffer the consequences of stress and neglect ... On the other hand, Cure Oasis allows you to refresh your skin and to enjoy relaxing between hammam, exfoliation and facial in four strokes

Cure Prince/Princesse

starting 179


incluant body exfoliation,


massage or faciall

If the Royal Berber Cure gets you started, but you miss a je ne sais quoi, the Cure Prince / Princess is the one you need since in addition to receiving the Exfoliation and soaping, you can choose between a 45-minute massage or a facial cleanser, exfoliant and purifier.

The following packages are of unrivaled prestige and splendor, finding their equivalent only in the purest pearls.

Cure Gazelle

starting 196


incluant 15 minutes body exfoliation

massage & facial

At times we are unable to make a choice and it is by knowing that we offer the Cure Gazelle. It's a way of enjoying the 45-minute massage and the facial while keeping your time in the steam room and the exfoliation. Your face and your body go out refreshed and relaxed.

Cure Shérazade

Cure Sahrayar

starting 216


including body  exfoliation,  soaping

massage & facial

There are weeks full of rebound that can only be forgotten by hours at the spa to be pampered. Thanks to this treatment, you will leave the ZinaBelle center with renewed skin and spirit and recharged since between exfoliation, soaping, massage and facial, your accumulated stress will fly away.

Cure Sultan Süleyman 

Favorite du Sultan

starting 239


including black soap, body exfoliation, wrapping

turkish soaping, massage

& facial 

For a semblance of a journey to the land of Arabian Nights, treat yourself to the Cure Süleyman, one of the only ones to offer Turkish soap and let yourself be enchanted by the musical notes of the famous love stories in addition to receiving an exfoliation , a wrap, a massage and a facial.

When the evening is important and an unprecedented class, the Cure ZinaBelle - ZinaBeau is in order since in addition to allowing you to rest well between the exfoliation in the hammam and the relaxing massage of 45 minutes, your beautician will apply a natural botox that will make you feel unparalleled freshness

strarting 340

including black soap, exfoliation, chocolat wrapping,  relaxing massage 

collagen facial 24K 

bathrobe, towels


relaxation VIP room

Cure Prestige


Rules to follow the Hammam facility 

We kindly ask our guests to read the rules of the Hammam:

For reasons of hygiene and safety, it is forbidden  

  • Shave or use shaving products in the Hammam

  • Coat the body or hair with staining

  • Make your own scrub or any product in the steam room
    NB: Henna authorized in the dry room provided clean up the place

More informatin

  • The duration of the hammam is 1h30 from the time of your appointment

  • The scrub begins 30 minutes after the time of appointment and not your arrival to enjoy 100% of the service.

  • If you have a treatment after the hammam (massage, facial etc): To take advantage of your 2nd care 100% please make sure you are in the VIP lounge no later than 1h40 after the time of your appointment hammam since your second treatment will start 5 mins after (1h45 after the appointment time and not your arrival).

  • Duration of the scrub: 15 min maximum. A $ 10 fee for each additional 5 min only if the gummy is available. Please notify reception upon arrival for availability 

  • Child under 12 years old: Reservation Hammam Privée Mandatory. Additional costs. Inform when making an appointment. Keep your child at all times for his safety.

  • You agree to leave the Hammam :

Wednesday: 6.30 pm
Thursday & Friday: 7:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 17:00

* time to clean before closing: $ 50 fee for each additional 15 min.

  • Important: a fine of $ 100 is required if the payment is not respected

  • If you are too modest, it is important to inform our agents when booking for a private booking

  • Please come 15 minutes before your appointment to take full advantage of your treatment. Following the subscribed packages, the time provided in the hammam must be respected by the customers. the scrub starts 30 minutes from the time of appointment and not your arrival. In the center

  • If you are in a particular state of health, consult a doctor before accessing spa activities

  • Cancellation: week 24h in advance. Saturday Sunday: 48h

  • Attention: at the steam nozzle located at the bottom of the seats: Please do not place your hands or legs to avoid any risk of burns

  • No recourse may be exercised against the operator for objects lost or stolen in the establishment. Lost property must be deposited at the reception

Bring with you:

  • Lock

  • Bathrobe / towel

  • Cleansing

  • Beach sandals / flip-flops

  • Soap for the body

  • Cotton

  • Shampoo conditioner

  • Usual hygiene products

  • Bottles of water

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