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Zina's Universe

Our mission :

The center's mission is simply to present a unique and exceptional experience you can find.  The feeling of being appreciated and treated as a noble princess of the Arabian Night's tales. 

ZinaBelle - naturopathy and massage therapy clinic-  is the first provider of the idea behind ''oriental wellness'' in Montreal. What we built between our clients and us reflects the quality of the services we offer. We work continuously in order to stay on top of the industry innovations and to make sure our team of dedicated professionals respect not only the established norms but also educate them on the benefits of having organic, safe and environmental friendly products.

Dr Halima Serrar ND Ph.D, M.Sc, with her years of experience in the field of health and pharmacology, is determined to maintain her patients' mental and physical wellness. As the years went by, she made her field of expertise grow towards the practice of naturopathy and develops a  personalized meal plan to fit every single one of her patients. 


Our vision: 

As son as you enter ZinaBelle, you can leave your exhausting day at the door, take a deep breath and rest in the arms of your professional care provider. 

Our goal is to create a long term relationship based on making sure you receive a fully enjoyable and memorable experience in a clean, soothing and sumptuous setting. How can you make this our promise? By hiring the pearls of the industry, training them to excel and being there as a support to allow each of them to blossom and reach their full potential. 


Our values :

Since we opened the ZinaBelle center in 2006, we dedicated ourselves not only to beauty but to the overall wellness of our patients and clients. Passion is simply what motivates every single one of us. The values we share as a team, as a family

are permanently present in ZinaBelle's genetic code and are carried through the day by every single member of the center. 

Wellness, passion, respect, enjoyment and plain transparency are the founding and fundamental values guiding our culture by building our reputation known by all our clients and patients


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