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Advanced Beauty

When you decide to trust us and receive treatment from one of our beauticians, you are sure to receive a complete and safe service. The treatments we offer at the ZinaBelle Center are state of the art and approved by Health Canada.


Experts in their field, our professionals listen to you and advise you. They help you to make a personal assessment and then to establish a program according to your needs and your budget to fight against the premature aging of the skin, the wrinkles and the pigment spots, to treat the rosacea, the cellulite and the stretch marks, to revitalize in deepen or firm the skin. Their goal: to provide you with the most appropriate medico-aesthetic care for the health of your body and the blooming of your beauty, with the most innovative, respectful and efficient technologies!


If you do not know which treatments might be right for you, you can always email us (attach photos if possible) to and our Chief Beautician will respond within one business day.


You can also upload your photos directly. Otherwise, follow the chart below:


Micro Needling


Oxygen Theraphy



Acné scars 


Dull Ski

Dermal regeneration

Fine Wrinkles


Age Spots

Stretch Marks

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