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- acné-tâches pigmentaires - rosacée -

At the ZinaBelle center we use the only medico-aesthetic peel approved by Health-Canada since it is a medical procedure supported by Dr Serrar that is completed in three stages.

What is the homemade treatment?

The treatment you will bring with you at home is rich in 5 elements:

Vitamin C: synthesizes collagen

Hydroquinone: slows down the synthesis of melanin (responsible for staining) It is important to note that only medical products can have a high concentration of hydroquinone.

AHA acids: derived from fruits or milks capable of penetrating the skin and allowing a rejuvenation of the skin

Rethynol: boosting collagen production

Peptide: strengthens the structures of the major biological functions

Before starting treatment, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with our chief technician. She will guide you through the process and answer your questions. We also invite you to visit the gallery below showing the success of the treatment.

Is the peel chemical?

This question comes from  a popular misunderstanding of the chemical term since the mere fact of breathing is a chemical reaction and the molecule of water (H2O) exists through a chemical reaction. However, the treatment is innocuous and approved by Health Canada.

How is the treatment done?

You will begin the process with the first peeling you receive at the center. Thereafter, one week after completing this step, you will be called to start a home treatment that we will provide. This step is crucial and spreads over 8 weeks. Once the eighth week arrives, you will pass to the center, a second time so that your technician can provide the last peel.


3 sessions serie


Avant - Après

ST1401 - 0 weeks
ST1401 - 24 weeks
HF010-1 (0 weeks)
HF010-3 (5 weeks)
RC0601 - 0 weeks
RC0601 - 4 weeks
ST1402 - 0 weeks
ST1402 - 24 weeks
GS03 - 0 weeks
GS03 - 16 weeks
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