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The Bachelorette

Traditionally, the future bride and her circle of friends go to the hammam to undertake their beauty ritual. The ZinaBelle center allows you to transport the atmospheres of the Orient and thus, live them in your turn surrounded by joy and happiness. 


What do we offer?

  • Private steam room

  • Facials

  • Massage

  • VIP room

  • Custom Music

  • Tea and oriental pastries
    ... and more!

How to book?

Our reservations manager is available from Wednesday to Sunday to answer your concerns. You can be put in contact with the manager by calling 514-908-9462 or by sending an email to specifying the following information:

  • Are you the bride? 

  • How many people would you be?

  • What treatments are you interested in? 

  • What date and time would be convenient for you? 

  • What is the total budget? Per person? 

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