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Hammam ZinaBelle

Relax between the steam room and the white ceramic dry room of the first true Mediterranean hammam in Montreal. The benefits of a hammam session are endless and at ZinaBelle, you can combine different treatments to offer you a unique treatment. Men, couples and children under 12 can also enjoy the hammam as long as the reservation is taken in our private hammam.

Hammam Zinabelle Public

Public - Hammam Simple

Hammam Zinabelle Privé

Click here to consult the types of treatments we offer in the public hammam reserved for women only.

Cures ZinaBelle Gommage

Private - Hammam Simple

Soin Public

Click here if you are a man, a couple, a family, or just someone looking for complete privacy.

Soin Privé

Cure ZinaBelle
Exfoliation + Services
Public - Private 

Hammam Gommage Zinabelle

Click here if you are looking for a package including the hammam and other treatments such as, for example, a massage, a brushing or a facial.

Regulations inside the ZinaBelle Hammam

Please visit our website

Section: Zinabelle Hammam Service & Cancellation Policy 48 hours in advance

We ask our kind customers to please read the internal regulations of the Hammam.


WARNING: Exfoliation - Scrub 📏🛀


Dear Client,


Your satisfaction and well-being are our priority.


We would like to assure you that the exfoliation-scrub has been provided to several clients, and no reactions have been reported as long as the client guides the technician in the force of the exfoliation.


Normal skin: To avoid irritation, you must inform the technician of the strength of the exfoliation and confirm if it suits you. Irritation indicates that the strength of the exfoliation was not appropriate for your skin, even if it initially felt comfortable. The technician cannot know whether the exfoliation should be strong or gentle, it is subjective. She will trust your choice. It's your decision and your responsibility.


Sensitive skin: We recommend that you tell our technician that you have sensitive skin and that you prefer a much gentler exfoliation. We will be happy to adapt to your needs to avoid any irritation.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We hope to see you again soon and provide you with a more pleasant experience.

Our mission is to allow you to live a beautiful, memorable experience and relaxation for the body and mind, through quality treatments by our professional team in a captivating setting which represents the oriental tradition of the Hammam accompanied by well-being treatments. complete: Naturopathy, Massage therapy, Aesthetics and medical aesthetics, Hairdressing, Pedicure, Manicure (visit our website care section…)

Depending on the Chosen Treatment (Scrub, Soap, Wrap, Massage, Facial, Blow Dry, Pedicure, Manicure, etc.) Extras may be included: Black Soap, VIP Lounge Access where Tea, Biscuits, Moroccan Pastries, etc. are served.)

Please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment time to benefit 100% of your treatment on time while allowing other clients to have their treatments on time.

  • Cancelation:

- 100% refund if canceled more than 48 hours in advance of the appointment time.

- You are charged 100% if canceled less than 48 hours in advance of the appointment time.

  • Predictable:

Cadena, Bathrobe / Towel, Make-up remover, Beach sandals, Body soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Usual hygiene products, Bottles of water etc.

  • Additional fees:

- Exfoliation glove - $12

- Black soap - $5 (Already included in the cures)

- Access to the VIP room - $10 (10 min), See Availability in advance. 

- VIP room Prohibited: children under 12 years old

- Towel - $5 (Already included in cures)

- Bath exit - $8 (Already included in the treatments with care after Hammam.)

- Shampoo + Conditioner - $4

- Green Tea (bag) $5 (Already included in the cures)

- Dry Biscuit $5: 2/person (Already included in the cures)

- Fresh Mint Tea $8

- Fresh Mint Tea* only $5 with the purchase of a treatment in the Hammam 

(because we offer free Green Tea in bags for the treatments)

- Scrub (15 min.) $10: For each 5 min of extra scrub See availability in advance.

- Soaping - $50 (Already included in the Lalla Moulati Cure)

- Wrap - $50 (Already included in the El Hanna Cure)

* Request mint tea when making an appointment because it is fresh mint which does not keep.

  • For health and safety reasons, it is forbidden:

- To shave or use shaving products in the Hammam

- To use hair products (coloring, henna, etc.) in the Hammam

- Make your own scrub in the Grand public hammam steam room.

- To use products in the steam room (henna, black soap, etc.)

NB: For private reservations, you can use henna in the dry room provided you completely clean your place to avoid allergic reactions for other guests.


  • Health and security

- If you have a particular health condition, consult a doctor before accessing spa activities.

- Pay attention to the steam nozzle located at the bottom of the seats; Please do not place your hands or legs in order to avoid any risk of burns.

  • Ban on using the personal dryer in the hammam locker room - 2 Reasons:

  1. Safety: High risk of electrical short circuit (electrical outlet close to steam/humidity doors)

  2. Noise: Customer complaint - wants a moment of relaxation without noise…


  • Men

- Wearing swimsuits during the Hammam

- Wearing panties during treatments (massage, facial, etc.)


  • Child under 12 years old (For their safety and also clients are looking for relaxation)

- Children under 4 years old Access not permitted in the ZinaBelle Clinic

- Inform when making an appointment.

- Private Hammam Reservation Mandatory (Additional Fees).

- Child at all times under parental supervision.

- Child when finished care must stay at reception (Snack)

- Prohibited from moving around, running, making noise.

- Access not permitted in the rest of the clinic or in the VIP Lounge


  • If you are too modest: Important to notify our attendants when booking a private reservation.


  • Lost object

-No recourse can be exercised against the operator for objects lost or stolen in the establishment.

-Objects found must be left at reception


  • You agree to leave the Hammam: 30 minutes before closing

(30 min is the time to clean before closing: $50 charge for each additional 15 min).


  • Important: a fine of $100 is imposed the same day if the regulations are not respected.


More information about the progress of your treatment:

  • The duration of the hammam is 1h30 from the time of your appointment

  • If your treatment includes a scrub in the Hammam:

-  Exfoliation duration: 15 min maximum. A $10 charge for each additional 5 min only if the gummy bear is available. Please inform reception upon arrival for availability

- The scrub begins 20 minutes after the appointment time and not your arrival

- To benefit 100% from the service; It is therefore important to arrive 15 minutes in advance.


  • If you have a treatment but you do not have a service after the hammam;

-Exfoliation duration: 15 min maximum. A $10 charge for each additional 5 min only if the gummy bear is available. Please inform reception upon arrival for availability

- Duration in the VIP lounge: 15 min.

- Upon your arrival we will inform you: time of your Scrub, when Tea and biscuit will be served in the VIP Lounge (1h40 after your appointment time in our system) and the time to leave the VIP Lounge (others clients).

- If you have exceeded the scheduled time in the Hammam (1h30) + Changing Room (10 min) your tea and Biscuit will be moved to the lounge at reception

- You change in the locker room before going to the VIP lounge dressed with your personal effects (No changing in the VIP lounge: camera for security and you can no longer return to the locker room due to reservations for other customers).


  • If you have chosen a treatment with a treatment after the Hammam (massage, facial, etc.):

- Exfoliation duration: 15 min maximum. A $10 charge for each additional 5 min only if the gummy bear is available. Please inform reception upon arrival for availability

- Duration in the VIP lounge: 15 min.

- To enjoy your 2nd treatment, please make sure you are in the VIP lounge no later than 1 hour 40 minutes after your hammam appointment time; to receive your tea and then 15 minutes later the technician comes to pick you up for your second treatment (1h55 after the appointment time not your arrival). If you are not in the VIP lounge, she will pick you up in the locker room.

- The receptionist will give you a bathrobe, which you will wear before going to the VIP lounge (with your personal effects) to receive your tea+biscuit. You change and you can no longer return to the locker room because of reservations for other customers).

- Upon your arrival we will inform you:  Time of your Scrub, when Tea and biscuits will be served in the VIP Lounge, and the time of your next treatment.

-Be prepared because the goal is that you receive 100% of the planned duration of your treatment (duration of the treatment will be from the appointment time so that it can respect the appointments of the next clients).

-End of service: the technician accompanies you to reception to ensure that you have completed your care.


The ultimate goal of this regulation is to allow all our customers to have in a captivating setting; a beautiful experience of relaxation for body and mind in a clean and secure space.


Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.Looking forward to seeing you soon 🍀


Naturopathy Weight Management & AntiAging MediSpa

WellBeing Clinic Medico-aesthetic & Hammam ZinaBelle



Policy of the Naturopathy & Medico-aesthetic Clinic & Hammam ZinaBelle

Zero tolerance for all forms of verbal or physical aggression towards staff

The ZinaBelle clinic is a place of well-being where we wish to offer a respectful and safe environment for all customers and staff. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone feels safe and respected, to live a memorable experience and relaxation for body and mind through quality care by our professional team.


To achieve this goal, we have established the following rules:

Prohibited from showing any forms of aggression towards staff.

  • Speak gently and respectfully to employees.

  • Phone on silent

  • Only children aged 4 and over are admitted by appointment.

  • Only client with an appointment is admitted to the treatment room

We reserve the right not to serve you and to call law enforcement if necessary


If you have any comments, questions or complaints, do not hesitate to contact us by email at the following address: We will reply within 24 hours.


We thank you for your cooperation

We hope you have a pleasant time. 🌹

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