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Naturopathy clinic

Naturopathy and Healthy Weight Management Clinic can be summed up in one sentence: The miracle is you.

Thanks to new technology and the age-old secrets of nature, we offer you a personalized way to take care of yourself and maintain a healthy weight. Naturopaths do not diagnose. They will help you lose weight in a sustainable, natural, and easy way with the ZinaCal program (healthy weight management).

ZinaBelle is seeing an unexpected success rate with its innovative ZinaCal program. The recorded weight losses vary between 22.5 to 56 pounds in 10 weeks and a decrease in waist circumference of 4 to 8 centimeters and 6 to 10 centimeters at the hips. Weight loss is also associated with deeper sleep, shiny hair, a clearer complexion, and a luminous face. 

Since 2006, we have been continuously working to improve our healthy weight management program to meet everyone's needs and above all to see them simply happy. This pushes us to always go further and to be aware of all developments in the field of healthy weight management (conferences, books, scientific publications, etc.). 

ZinaCal program products can be found at

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Dr Serrar Naturopathie Hamma Montreal

Servicesoffered by the clinicnaturopathy:

  • Consultation - healthy weight management

      (including BodySanner)


Booking  On Ligne


  • Follow-up consultation including the BodySanner

     (6 weeks after the first consultation without ZinaCal supplement ).


Booking  On Ligne

  • Follow-up consultation including the BodySanner

      (only if 6 weeks after the first ZinaCal purchase).


Booking  On Ligne


  • BodyScanner


  • Consultation - hypnosis​


Frequently Asked Questions:

How to make an appointment?

To meet the naturopath, you must make an appointment by email at or by telephone or whatsApp at 514-908-9462 or phone at 514-908-9462 with one of our receptionists.

What is the BodyScanner?

The BodyScanner is a type of test done using a system that allows us to discover various information about your body such as, for example, fat mass, type of fat and its location. Based on all the results obtained with the BodyScanner, a personalized program is given to you. This program must be followed for 3 to 6 weeks to obtain the expected results.

How does your slimming clinic work?

Please note that we are referring here to a naturopathic consultation regardinghealthy weight management

First of all, since the sessions we offer are supervised by the naturopath, we invite you to meet her as part of a naturopathic consultation.

Prior to the meeting, the opening of a file will be undertaken and a health report to be completed will be given to you. Once in the office of the naturoapthe, she will perform a non-invasive test (BodyScanner) which will provide important information about your body. Following this, depending on your goal, lifestyle and budget, you will decide which program you will follow. 

*Please note that in any session, the consultation is done barefoot since the test (BodyScanner) that the naturopath will give you requires that the soles of your feet have no barrier (tight stockings, shoes, etc.) 

**The duration of the consultation will reflect the needs of your case, since the naturopath's approach is intended to be personalized. 

What treatments do you offer?

The naturopath will suggest a number of treatments that she deems appropriate for your situation. This can range from a simple meal plan to a weekly follow-up over 3 to 6 weeks. 

Should we buy products? 

Since we know that you have busy and full lives, we offer food plans that you can incorporate your own foods into. 

Do I have to show up every week for follow-up? 

Some treatments require rigorous follow-up during which a technician will be assigned to your file to provide you with the appropriate care. On the other hand, other treatments only require you to be present every 3 to 6 weeks, while the meal plans offer you relative freedom as to the frequency of your presence at the center. 

It is important to note that the members of the ZinaBelle team are always at your disposal by email at or by telephone or whatsApp at 514-908-9462 or what.


If your question seems complex or medical in nature, we will ask you to contact your treating family physician.

Important information for booking services

- Payment (Interac transfer) in advance.

- Interac transfer to the email address (Receipt of confirmation of your reservation on your email and by text message).

For more information, If you want to book  appointement, or have anquestion  for quick answer just send whatsapp message at  514 907 9462  (7 days a week in writing: Monday to Sunday)


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