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ZinaCal Program - Healthy Weight Management

Halima Serrar, Doctor of Pharmacology (ND, Ph.D, M.Sc. and Pharmacology Researcher) developed a ZinaCal dietary program for healthy weight management. It is a tailor-made program for each client, thanks to its expertise in Naturopathy and its many years of research. She is determined to preserve the physical and moral well-being of her clients. Here are some BEFORE/AFTER testimonials.

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Comments (from Google Reviews)

“[...] In addition to the spa services, I met with naturopath Serrar for my weight loss journey and to help me follow a healthy diet.
The Naturopathe was very professional and understanding. She helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle after I lost weight, she made sure I got all my questions answered, and she was extremely kind and helpful.

Definitely coming back for more BodySlim sessions and other beauty services. Highly recommended!“

- Hayat R.

“I went to see their naturopath, Serrar, for slimming solutions. Their plan works and you lose tons of weight, which keeps you motivated. The staff is friendly and supportive! 100% recommend.“

- Mona I.

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