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Zina's Universe

Our mission

The mission of the center is to provide an exceptional experience, a feeling of difference and a treatment worthy of one or a noble exit from the time of the wonderful tales of the thousand and one nights.

Center ZinaBelle, naturopathy and massage therapy clinic, is the leading provider of oriental relaxation in Montreal. The relationship we have with our customers and the quality of our services put us at the top of the wellness centers. To this end, great care is taken in the preparation of each service with the help of a team of dedicated professionals integrating ecological practices and organic products that respect the environment.


Halima Serrar, Doctor of Pharmacology - N.D., Ph.D, M.Sc. and Researcher in Pharmacology since 1992

Thanks to her strong experience in the field of health, she is determined to preserve the physical and moral well-being of her clients. She developed a ZinaCal food program for healthy weight management. It is a tailor-made program for each client, thanks to its expertise in Naturopathy and its many years of research.


Our vision
Our center is a place where you can put your maddening day aside, take a deep breath and let us take care of the rest. 
We aim to build long-term relationships by providing a special experience and extraordinary customer service in a clean, relaxing and lavish setting. Our goal is to hire and train staff who are committed to excellence and to help them reach their full potential in their area of expertise through continuing education. Our vision is to become a one stop shop and luxury service in art and manner.


Our values

Since its foundation in 2006, ZinaBelle has been dedicated to the well-being, beauty and well-being of its customers and it is above all out of passion. Our values are written in the genetic code of ZinaBelle. Today, they are expressed in the daily life of the whole team. Well-being, passion, pleasure, respect, transparency and team spirit are our founding values which shape our culture, build our reputation and must be known and recognized by all of our customers.

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