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Couple packages

We understand the need and the desire to want to escape hand in hand with your other half and that is why we have set up packages designed to satisfy you and to allocate you the time and space necessary for your moment of relaxation in duet.

Massages offered for couples

  • Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is an in-depth treatment focused on specific areas with the aim of regaining flexibility. This massage differs from relaxing massages by its power of relaxation.

60 mins.: $200

Booking on Ligne:

90 mins.: $300

Booking on Ligne:

To see the other massages offered, click here.

  • Massage Morocco Hollistic 

Oriental massage has moisturizing, balancing and protective properties. This massage allows the relaxation of your whole body.

60 mins.: $240 

Booking on Ligne:

Hammams offered for couples:

It is a unique experience. Its freshness, its energy and its well-being. An oriental tradition, the hammam offers a humid heat allowing the opening of the pores as well as an indescribable muscular relaxation.

ZinaBelle offers the private hammam for couples. To see the services offered, click here.

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