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Hammam Simple

ZinaBelle offers the private hammam for men, couples and children under 12 years old. Able to occupy a maximum of 6 people, it is also possible to enjoy it with friends and family.
*Please note that women using the private hammam are charged the same as a man.


Each place has its own vision.

- Our mission is to allow each of you to live a beautiful, memorable experience and relaxation for body and mind, through quality care by our professional team in a captivating setting which represents the oriental tradition of the Oriental Hammam.

- Please arrive 15 minutes before the time of your treatment to finalize payment and to benefit 100% of your treatment on time while allowing everyone to have their treatment on time.


- Regulation ZinaBelle Dryer It is forbidden to use the personal dryer in the hammam changing room. Reason:

  • Safety: High risk of electrical short circuit (electrical outlet close to steam/humidity doors)

  • Noise: Customer complaints about the noise of the dryer (We offer a moment of relaxation in a peaceful setting without noise (even the telephones are in silent or vibration mode to allow everyone to relax)

NB: To remedy this: We have signed a contract with a hair salon whose manager has more than 17 years of experience and who currently offers a discount of 15 to 25% for these new clients of the zinabelle hammam or dryer rental 10$ (10 min to dry only without brush if need brush she can do brushing with discount )

*Forbidden to exfoliate or wash your hair in the Public Steam room. The door must always remain closed.

* Please close the water for 2 raison: risk to have cold water and enviremontal raison also

*If you want one of the packages in private in the HAMMAM RABIA (2 rooms; a large exfoliation room + a large steam room) it is an additional cost of $80. the fact is 2 differents room,the steam is not closed during the exfoliation by the body technicinne.

The HAMMAM INSFA (same room for steam & exfoliation). the steam is closed during the exfoliation given by the body technicinne.


Offered services:

  • Hammam Diyali Private 

(Private Reservation; other customers do not have access to the Insfa hammam at the same time as you)

If you are one of those who prefers to spend their time in the sauna alone and without distraction, this option is for you. Indeed, the Hammam Diyali includes entry to the steam room and the dry room for a total duration of 1h30. You are therefore free to indulge in your beauty rituals without being disturbed.

(1h30 - free entrIy)



- adult: $110 



Booking  On Ligne

- Mother + 1 Child: 125$ 



Booking  On Ligne

- Couple or 2 womens: $135

child (less than 12 years must be Privat hammam) $25

child plus 12 years is the same price than adult

- 3 womens:  180$

Prise de RDV en ligne:

- 4 womens:  240$

Prise de RDV en ligne:

- 5 womens:  250$

Prise de RDV en ligne:

- Two Mens: 160$

Booking  On Ligne

- 3 Mens: :  240$

Prise de RDV en ligne:



Chimic Product

Henné ou Raping Product

Additional costs

Exfoliation glove - $12

Black soap - 5$

Soaping - 50$

Wrap - $50

Access to the VIP room - $10

Towel - $5

Bathrobe - $8


Exfoliation: 15 min :25$ 

There is fee for each extra time of efoliation. each 5 min : 10$ (If the thecnician is available)You have to request in advance at the reception.

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